Using the Bullet Train in China

front of the bullet train locomotive

Ask anyone in China how you should travel from place to place you will certainly be told about the bullet trains. When you apply for a visa to China you need to give an itinerary for your trip. It won’t be a problem if you make changes to your itinerary at a later date. It does force you to plan where you want to go in China and how you will travel between places. Bullet Trains can be a quicker and cheaper option than flying. The 300km/hr bullet trains are certainly something China can be proud of. 

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Using a Taxi in China

I’ve thought it might be fun to be carried in a Sedan chairs like in the history books. You may be disappointed to hear that taxis in China are just normal cars like you might find anywhere else in the world. However there is a difference. Using a taxi in China is not as simple as it might seem. As a tourist you may well be ignored if you try to flag down a taxi. Most taxi drivers only speak Chinese and don’t want to stop and pick up foreign passengers who can’t say where they want to go. If a guide or hotel staff flag down a taxi they will tell you to keep out of sight. It might sound like a joke, but it is true. Read on to find out the best way to use taxis in China. Continue reading “Using a Taxi in China”

Visit Petra the Jewel of Jordan

the monastery at Petra

Petra went onto my bucket list when I saw pictures of the amazing facade of the Treasury cut into the rock face.  My parents had visited some years ago and said it was a place I had to visit. The site is one of the seven modern wonders of the world. It is also recognised as a world heritage site by UNESCO. When the time was right I started planning my visit to Jordan.

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The north of Jordan

hadrians triumphal arch

From Amman the whole of the north of Jordan can be reached within a few hours drive.  Ruined Roman towns, castles and important Christian sites are just a short distance away. I will tell you about the places I visited  so you can see if they interest you. If you don’t have much time you could visit all these places within a day.  But if you have time you might prefer to take two or three days and spend an afternoon at the Dead Sea too. Continue reading “The north of Jordan”

Amman to Petra

canyon of the wadi al mujib

I had wanted to visit Petra ever since my parents returned from a visit and said what an incredible place it was. On my journey I discovered that Jordan has more to offer than a visit to Petra. When I travelled I stopped at the most interesting sites along the way. If you arrive at the airport in Amman you will need to travel south to Wadi Musa the closest town to Petra. On the journey you can visit the remains of a Roman town, see early Christian churches and mosaics, visit a crusader castle and see scenery to match the Grand Canyon. Continue reading “Amman to Petra”

Things to do in Lima

skyscrapers in miraflores lima peru

The international airport in Lima was the starting point of my journey on to Machu Picchu. Many travelers do not stop in Lima but I was keen to see what the city had to offer.

The central area of Miraflores is typical of any modern city with high rise modern buildings. This area is right next to the Pacific Ocean. There is a pleasant walk along the cliffs to the trendy area with many artsy shops and cafes called Barranco. For those that can’t live without Starbucks you can find one here by the central square.

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