Welcome to As Far as You Like travel blog.

In a world where sharing is on the decline, we are still happy to share our tales of travelling. When you are a child everything is new. The excitement of exploring and finding new things reminds us of being a child. Modern life sucks that out of you but travel puts it back.

I will share my journeys with you in this blog. To fully experience each destination would take several lifetimes. I can share what I see and you will still have loads left to explore. You might find my choices boring. That’s great. If you can avoid the things that don’t interest you then your experience will be so much better.

So use the information to help you plan. Go and explore. When you return I hope you will look at your home differently too. When you explore you ask lots of questions. Ask the same questions about your home when you come back. Now that is a real journey.



The following eBooks are available for you to download on your kindle. If you click on the front cover it will take you to the Amazon store. They are on sale at a minimal price. Your purchase will help me continuing writing this blog.

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